GASA – Clearwater Marine Aquarium & Class

06 February 2022

GASA – Clearwater Marine Aquarium & Class

Aquarium Discounted Entrance + Class CMA has amazing classes! We did Marine Bio last time and everyone raved about it! This time we are doing Migration.

Why do animals move from place to place? Learn about animal migrations—including the right whale! Examine why, when, where, and how various land and marine animals migrate all over the world. Discuss how humans impact animals during migration.

Entrance to the aquarium all day is included. SIGN UP UNDER THE *CLASS LIST* (pinned post)
Payment due no later than: NOVEMBER 1st
Please provide:

# of ADULTS & CHILDREN 3 yrs & up @ $8.95 (Entrance only)
# of STUDENTS K-8 @ $11.90 ((Entrance with class)
# of Toddlers, 2 and under are Free. (Entrance only, No class.)
This is prepaid two weeks in advance. No refunds after NOV 1st

CHECK-IN TIME: 10:00am
1st CLASS (Grades K-3): 11:00am (tentative)
2nd CLASS (Grades 4 & up): 12:00pm (tentative)

Exact social distancing & mask guidelines to be determined as the date gets closer. They have a new classroom facility so there will be plenty of space.
Due to limited class space, only 1 adult may be permitted in the classroom during the program. Additional chaperones and parents are welcome to tour the Aquarium during the program.

Please see our Important Information in the event documents. By registering, attending, and/or paying for, any field trip, your are agreeing to the terms and conditions for yourself, your minor children and any children in your care.