How to use Web Directory Submission For SEO

28 February 2022

How to use Web Directory Submission For SEO

How to use Web Directory Submission For SEO is an ideal blog that would give you deeper insights about Web Directory Submissions. Creating a blog or website isn’t rocket science. However, for driving a decent amount of traffic through you need a blog with appropriate SEO. It is undoubtedly not that fast!

After the latest Google Core update, generating traffic has become much more difficult.

Directory submissions are one tactical webmaster commonly use. Yet it is apparent that without getting a good understanding of how to make directory submissions to achieve the maximum advantage, many are doing it.

Here are some of the facts about directory submission in this article so that you can determine whether or not it is useful.

Directory submission is worthy or not?

By submitting your link to website directories under the category relevant to your business, this is simply the process of creating backlinks for your website.

You can achieve this either manually or by using automated software. But bear in mind that automation software is not 100 percent reliable, and there is a high chance that your website has not submitted in the correct directory category. The output of the directory website is also not pre-decided.

Submission in bulk is pointless and a waste of time without having any idea about the consistency of the directory.

Good quality directory listings, according to a survey, will increase the ranking of your website in search engines for more than 30 percent. Therefore, do some research on the consistency of the listing before uploading your website to a directory.

Is directory submission a good quality link? What Google thinks?

Yes, it does, provided that you are right in sending the directory, following the guidelines below. Only then will the phase of connection creation be worth the time and effort.

Directory submission, if the links are obtained from quality directories, is still a legitimate link building approach. It offers the ability to drive plenty of eligible traffic to your site each month. In addition to helping you improve your website ranking in search engines.

How will a Quality Website Directory be identified?

Two considerations that can assist you in assessing a directory’s quality are:

  1. The First Impression
  2. If the directory is or is not listed on Google

Let’s dig into these variables more.

The First Impression

It sounds cliche, but to trust someone, the first impression is really of primary importance. For a website, the same is the case. Its homepage can say a lot about its performance.

Is the directory is listed on Google or not?

Do not let your eyes fool you. Check if the directory is classified on Google or not until judging them by their appearance.

About why? If the directory is not indexed by Google, it simply won’t give you Google traffic.

This can occur for two reasons. Either Google has blocked the search engine directory, or the owner of the website has de-indexed Google’s entire website.

Here is another way to know whether or not Google has penalized the directory website.

In Google’s search bar, enter the exact directory homepage title. And if the directory website does not show the first location after placing the exact title, it simply means that the directory is penalized. Overall, learning How to use Web Directory Submission For SEO would help you to grow your business online.