All you need to know about a portable greenhouse

16 March 2022

A portable greenhouse is the best of the both worlds – it helps to grow plants in all climates and also makes it possible to move it around. Given below are certain things you need to know about portable greenhouses:

  1. Portables greenhouses are of various kinds, namely; portable mini greenhouses, mini walk-in greenhouses, tunnel or large walk-in greenhouses, compact greenhouses and portable greenhouses with wheels.
  2. Space and size of the portable greenhouses matter.Whether you have a balcony, a city patio, or a backyard, you can find a greenhouse in the appropriate size for it. For those with less space, portable mini greenhouses are the best suited.
  3. There is a portable greenhouse for every budget. The least costly ones are portable mini greenhouses and mini walk-in greenhouses due to the raw materials used for its making. Tunnel greenhouses and compact greenhouses are on the expensive side. The cost of portable greenhouses with wheels depends on its size, materials used and whether its newly bought or made by oneself.
  4. Climate of the place you live in also determines what kind of a portable greenhouse you need. If you live in adverse conditions, a tunnel greenhouse or a compact greenhouse or a greenhouse on wheel is best suited, as they are made with sturdier materials.
  5. When buying a portable greenhouse, be sure of the material it is made. These greenhouses either have wooden frames or metal ones. Wooden frames can be used year-round in temperate climates. However, they tend to root in damp conditions, so you’ll have to sand them from time to time and add a new stain coat.  Metal frame ones are low maintenance and easy to assemble. They are usually made from aluminium or powder-coated steel, so they won’t rust. The common siding materials for the greenhouses are plastic, glass and poly carbonate panels. Most mini greenhouses use plastic siding whereas some high end greenhouses use glass siding. But the most durable siding option is polycarbonate panels.
  6. When you buy a portable greenhouse, make sure you are buying the entire greenhouse kit, not just the frame. Check that it comes with the cover. 

In a nutshell, the best portable greenhouse kit should have:

  • Movable shelves to deliver enough space
  • Flexible door system for adequate ventilation and easy entry or access
  • A transparent cover for letting in light
  • Stakes for proper installation

A portable greenhouse kit is extremely helpful for a beginner level gardening enthusiast. It’s a nice addition to a backyard.