Eco-friendly Kitchen Ideas : Make your Kitchen Greener

12 March 2022

Making a kitchen eco-friendly begins by eating green, but it doesn’t end there. Given below are some eco-friendly tips to make your kitchen greener:

  1.  Always choose cookware and utensils that are made of stainless steel, cast iron or even earthen ones. These have certain health benefits and also have less carbon footprint.
  2. When buying a gas stove, make sure that it has a low BTU output, and for an electric one, choose one with induction elements, as both are energy efficient.
  3. When buying kitchen appliances, look for the ones with the Energy Star logo, as appliances with this logo use 50% less energy.
  4. Use a pressure cooker, as it will cut down the cooking time to 70%, saving energy.
  5. Cut back on the kitchen waste by using products with less packaging. Carry your own bags to the supermarket. Reuse what you can like the glass bottles and jars, and grocery bags.
  6. Avoid pre-prepared and frozen foods. Make it all from scratch. This will reduce the waste associated with packaging and the associated energy in the processing and transportation of these products.
  7. Start composting, and grow your own food using the composted kitchen waste as fertilizer.
  8. Always use non-toxic, biodegradable, plant based detergents. You can create your own cleaning product with white vinegar and baking soda, which combined make an all-purpose cleaning solution.
  9. When using disposable plates and cutlery, use biodegradable ones as these are easily compostable. Substitute paper towels with microfiber cloth.
  10. Use energy efficient windows when making your kitchen. As there are large and let in lots of natural light. Opt for recycled marble, aluminium, recycled bamboo when making countertops. Use cork floors as an eco-friendly alternative to tiles and vinyl.

The idea of making your kitchen greener is in. An eco-friendly kitchen cuts down energy bills and make the homeowner feels good about helping the nature.  These tips might seem a lot of work, but it’s easier than it looks and has a lot of benefits. What matters is in the little things, such as shopping bags, food containers, and knowing how to use your appliances correctly.