How to build a lean-to green house?

14 March 2022

A lean-to greenhouse takes up less space, offers plenty of growing options, and comes with a lot of benefits for those who have less space in their yard. Given below are the steps to make one:

Step 1: Select the right location for your greenhouse where the plants get the optimum amount of sunlight.

Step 2: Collect all the needed building materials, like:

  •   1x10 barn board siding
  •   2x4s for the lean-to frame
  •   ¾-inch plywood for the tabletop and gusset plates
  •   1x2s for window trims
  •   Rust-resistant deck screws
  •   Roofing screws with rubber washers   
  •   Old bricks for the base floor as required.
  •   (8) 24” x 48” UV resistant clear acrylic panels

Step 3: Collect all the needed tools and equipments, namely 

  •   Paint remover
  •   Primer, paint, caulk
  •   Carpenter pencil, measuring tape
  •   (3) old wooden windows
  •   Angle finder tool, carpenter’s square, level
  •   Cordless drill
  •   Miter saw
  •   Jigsaw
  •   Circular saw

Step 4: Wash, scrub and strip the old paint and prime from the wall where the greenhouse is to be attached.

Step 5: Now, start by building the base or the flooring for the greenhouse by making an empty box out of barn board siding with a plywood tabletop.Use the circular saw to split the 2x4s lengthwise so that there is 2x2s.The 2x2 went into the base frame pillars, the three of which is screwed into the patio wall. Then the barn siding is installed using rust-resistant screws. Use the jigsaw to cut the plywood tabletop. Pave the base floor with old bricks. The empty base box can be used as a storage space for the gardening tools and materials.

Step 6: Raise the frame by making a raised ledge that framed the tabletop on all three sides. This is where the trusses are nestled. In the end, there are 7 trusses extended from the base, 1 foot vertically and then slopped 3 feet to the patio wall at a 45degree angle. Each truss consisted of two 2x4s and a connector piece made from a 2x4 board. Use a miter saw for cutting the truss joints. When the base and frame were done, primer and paint the wood. 

Step 7: Install the glazing. Use UV-treated acrylic panels, as it is lightweight easy to install. Use EVA foam ridgeways along the support beams. Drill a hole for roofing screws at roughly every half-foot of the panel length. 
Make sure to use roofing screws with rubber washers, as instructed. 

Step 8: Set up the greenhouse. Install heaters, fans, and watering system if you want something fancy. Start putting the potted plants, and hang several pots from the trusses, increasing the greenhouse capacity without taking any space from the tabletop.