How to dispose of a washer and dryer in an eco-friendly way?

18 March 2022

Household appliances’ recycling is a great business. Even your old washer and dryer contain some valuable materials. But the problem is that there are some shady junk removal services, which after taking up the valuable materials from these appliances, dump these into landfills. So, here are some eco-friendly ways to dispose of your washer and dryer. So have a look at it before you call up the first junk removal service you see.

  1. Always contact your local electronic waste recycling specialist to get rid of your old appliance. They will make sure that your old  washer and dryer won’t become an environmental hazard.
  2. Another best way is to contact a local scrap metal recycler. They will break down the machine to retrieve the valuable metal and pass the remaining materials to the e-waste recycling facilities.
  3. If you have a municipal waste center, then contact them for the safe recycling of these old appliances.
  4. Another great choice for recycling is that the stores where you buy the new appliance take away your old ones and either give away these to recycling units or return these appliances to the manufacturers.
  5. Many of the manufacturers have their own recycling programs, in order to allow their businesses to achieve a net zero eco-footprint.
  6. Now if your washing machine is old and working and you want to replace it, then the best and the safest way to dispose it is by donating it. This will extend the life of these appliances and also help out people with limited resources.

It’s important to think about the environment whether you are buying a new appliance for energy efficiency or your old has simply broken down beyond repair. What people do is that they will look every energy efficient thing when buying a new one, but won’t bother about the responsible disposal of the old one. This needs to be changed. In order to have an eco-friendly life we all have to consider safe disposal of old appliances seriously.