Indoor Garden Systems: Reviews & Buying Guide

28 March 2022

The concept of indoor garden system refers to the act of growing produce inside your home, either due to a lack of outdoor space, cold temperatures that prevent certain produce from growing or the desire to pick fresh food from the comfort of your kitchen. Not only can it be a relaxing and often rewarding hobby, it can also deliver you with the freshest produce all year. Indoor gardens also give you total control over a plant’s growth and its environment, for better or worse.

When it comes to setting up an indoor garden, you have four systems to choose from. 

  • Soil-Based Systems
    These are small containers like garden pots that you can stand in a larger container or tray, and water and fertilizer are pumped around the system. 
  • Hydroponic Systems
    These are based on a carefully formulated nutrient-rich solution that circulates through the system. The water is constantly pumped through and replenished with fertilizer for the roots to absorb directly. 
  • Aquaponic Systems
    In this you have a separate fish tank. They provide the waste that serves as a fertilizer full of nutrients. The rest of the system works the same as the hydroponic one. 
  • Aeroponic Systems
    These systems use moisture and water vapor to spray onto the roots of plants. Essentially, the roots are exposed and take on the fertilizer directly from the vapor. 

There are various factors to consider when looking for the best indoor garden. 

We took the following into consideration:

Size:Indoor garden kits are designed to be compact and make the best use of a small space.The right size depends on how much space you have and how quickly you’ll be able to go through produce.

Plant Type: Most indoor gardens are designed to grow herbs, but some can successfully grow flowers, too, especially if the plants are relatively small.Plant Type: Most indoor gardens are designed to grow herbs, but some can successfully grow flowers, too, especially if the plants are relatively small.

System Type : Indoor herb gardens grow plants using soil, hydroponic,  aquaponic or aeroponic systems. 

Grow Lights: All plants need light to grow, so evaluating an indoor garden’s grow lights is essential. Most indoor gardens come with LED grow lights, which mimic natural sunlight for vigorous plant growth. 

Temperature Regulation 
Setting the right temperature for an indoor garden is essential. Very few indoor gardens include temperature regulators, so where you place your unit is key. For best results, locate an indoor garden where temperatures will stay between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Many want a low-maintenance indoor garden system that requires very little hands-on attention. In general, aquaponic systems will require the most maintenance while hydroponic systems require very little attention beyond adding water and fertilizer occasionally. 

The best indoor garden is low maintenance, attractive, and functional.